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Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 11 as a missionary


Man, this week has gone by fast but so slow at the same time! This
week we contacted a bunch of people. We have a lot of people to see
and in short amount of time. Haha
Some of those people weren't too keen on talking with us but that's
okay. What I love most about my mission is that, yes we are here to
baptize, but what is most important is to plant that seed of Christ in
their hearts for it to grow, who knows maybe years down the road they
will come across more missionaries and have the desire to learn more.

Onto some good times this week.....
We met our new Mission President and his wonderful family! The Dixon
family! They took a picture of all of us with them. It I don't have it
yet.. It was a real neat experience meeting him. He is so kind and
loving towards us. I can't wait to serve my mission with him.
Well I don't have much of other times this week. Haha

This morning I was studying about The Plan of Salvation. Or what we
like to call the Plan of HAPPINESS! Cause that is what it really is
about. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants us to be happy.
Our purpose here on earth is to fulfill that happiness he is pouring
upon us. But it is up to us if we act upon it or not. He doesn't force
us to do anything... We make the choice. We choose Christ, follow his
teachings and we will be blessed! More than we can know. But if we
decide to do everything and battle the world on our own, it is going
to get super hard. Harder than we can handle. I have seen it first
hand in my life and experiences and seeing it out here in the short
couple months I have. Please seek after that happiness. (: Heavenly
Father is waiting to give you it and much more joy and peace.

Weekly planning at its finest. 

Glow fish! At a members home. 

We shouldn't be happy about our trip to the hospital but it was my first hospital visit so we had to capture it!

Street contacting... A pig!

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