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Monday, June 20, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I am just going to get the news done and out of the way. I am getting
transferred! I am heading out to Bloomington. I am not quite sure
where that is. Haha I am excited(: new places, new adventures. I am
also getting a new companion! Sister Peterson. Not sure who that is
either (:

Well this week was quite slow, honestly. Nearly all of our
investigators dropped us. Meaning that they don't want us coming to
talk to them anymore. It's sad getting dropped! The families we were
teaching were so great! I know Heavenly Father is preparing them and
they will be able to build their faith gradually (:

Oh my goodness. The story I am about to share is so funny and
disgusting at the same time! More disgusting than funny. So our church
building is in the same parking lot as the temple. Such a blessing! It
is also the stake center. The traffic is quite busy in there.
Unfortunately people don't know how to clean up after themselves. It
is so grossly dirty. Then, it started to smell. We thought it was just
all the stinky diapers. Sister Olsen and I like playing Scooby Doo
mysteries in real life. So we are trying to figure out why it stinks
so bad! Then we finally figured it out. A member from the other ward
was cleaning. Bless his heart. He told us that they discovered 1 dead,
deterarting skunk in the ceiling rafters place area! It was so bad,
that it's fluids was leaking through the ceiling. Then later, they
found 3 dead possums. Not as disgustingly dead but their heads was
falling off. Now it doesn't stink so bad. That was probably the
interesting experience...

Yesterday in relief society, we were talking about True Happiness.
President Howard W. Hunter teaches it really well. He said, "True
kindness brings true greatness [happiness]." What is true happiness?
It is the money in your bank or the clothes in your closet? What about
spending time with your family or going to church? What makes you
happy? Are those things true happiness?
I have learned that I have been stuck in the world way too long! What
truly matters is my family, the Savior and how I can be a better
person in this world! It is so dark and dreary in the world.

Another story, our area includes a couple towns up in the mountains.
Angelus Oaks and Forrest Falls. It is about 10/15 degrees cooler up
here than in the valley. Haha we head up there when it's super hot!
Like on Saturday! It was about 103 degrees in Redlands. And only about
95 in the mountains. Still super hot to me but it's breezy and shady
up there which made it nice. BUT moral of my story is, the amount of
lady bugs up there! Oh my goodness. You would see things flying in the
air, like particles or cotton, but THEY WERE LADY BUGS! It was a cool
site to see. The sad part is that these lady bugs aren't very lady
like. They bite! I got bit, but my a mosquito. I will attach a video
to show you so watch for it (:

Guess how hot it is today. It was 111 degrees by 10:30!!!

I think I have summed up my week now. (:

The church is True.

Love Always,
Sister Jensen



Forrest Falls

New way to carry the Truest book of books.

Brother and Sister Hayden! Love them


Old Redlands Train Station #1

Old Redlands Train Staition #2

It will make it easier for me to know if y'all got my pictures and videos if you can reply back and let me know you got them. That would help me out so much! Thank you(:
Love Always,
Sister Jensen

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  1. I love to read about your mission experiences! I am sure that the seeds you are planting will grow someday. It sounds like your knowledge and spirit are growing too. I didn't realize that Redlands was so hot. I'm glad they figured out the awful smell - I bet it really was disgusting! Keep smiling. I'm proud of you for giving your heart and time to the Lord :)