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Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

This life is the time...
 Today at 2:01 PM

The subject will make sense soon (: 
It is the season of graduations and parties and fun. I am so proud of my sisters and Mom from graduating from College and high school this last weekend! They are so amazing. 
This last week has been tough getting in with people. With the end of the school year and summer starting, everyone is pretty busy! But we have been doing a bit of house cleaning in the mission work (: 
We are teaching two great young ladies! One is starting college and the other has a little 5 year old. I have come to learn that the best way to teach someone about something you love is to love them and what they love! To be an example of Christ. I am surprised at how many people watch one another. In a none creepy way... haha Everything we do is seen and we have to remember that. We are watched by the little kids that we have in our houses. We are watched by our family and friends!
I was studying the scriptures, like we always do (: and in Alma chapter 34 it tells a little summary about what the story is about. I loved what it said, "This life is the time for men [and women] to prepare to meet God-- work out your salvation with fear before God."
I'm not saying to be scared of God! Of course not. But are you going about your day that God will be able to praise you? 
Okay. enough of lecture. (: 
I love being a missionary. The work is so grand out here and I am just soaking it all in! 
I love ya'll. Sorry I don't have much time for any nice stories. But hopefully i willl get better ones next week!
here are some pictures. 
The sunsets are so beautiful here!
There was a young boy walking his goat!
The Redlands Stake Zone!
Love Always,

Sister Jensen

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