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Monday, June 27, 2016

So drink all the water you can!

Hah, it has been so hot this week. I don't even want to know how hot
it is. I just know it is hotter than Oregon summers. It got up to 106
the last two days. The moment I walk of our apartment at 10 a.m I am
already sweating. I am so thankful we have a car though! Poor Elders
have a bike /:

This week has been great! I am in a new are! Bloomington Ward. It
covers corners of a few cities, Fontana, San Bernardino, and Colton.
It's pretty big. They split the Ward boundaries a while ago. Bad and
good.  It's not so bad for us but it seems to be burden for the
members. Our Ward is suppose to be big! But less then half show up
because they want to go to the building closer to their house. Which
is in a way understandable, but following the counsel of our leaders
is so important! They know all! So it's a little frustrating how
selfish some people can be sometimes.

The people are so nice! We like to say hello to everyone we walk bye.
It seems to go into a little conversation. It's great. But many of
them speak Spanish. I don't know any Spanish! So it gets a bit
complicated and awkward trying to explain who we are and what not.
Haha I love the cultural that we see! Very Hispanic. And lots of stray
cats. We saw a house the other day with about 12 or 14 cats! Then
another cat followed us for a few houses, until we got in our car and
left. That was pretty dang cute!

We haven't been teaching much this week. We have a sweet young couple
that we are teaching. Sister Peterson has been teaching them. They
just had a baby girl, so cute! The dad is a less active but has been
wanting to come back to church. Charise, the mom, she loves the
church. She wants to get baptized so bad! They have to get married
first though so we are tying to help prepare for that. That's not e to
rely our purpose, to plan weddings, but if it helps them be happier
and have the desire to come closer to Christ, than we will do
anything. They are so wonderful though! I can't wait to be on this
journey with them.

We met a older man the other day, Emtedeo. I am sure I spelled his
name wrong. He was sitting out on his porch. But he only spoke Spanish
so his granddaughter came out and helped us talk with him. He was so
sweet! He is blind and is unable to walk on his own now. He asked us
to keep him and his family in his prayers. We offered him a prayer
right then. We shook his hands and just held them and out them to his
cheek and thanked us. It broke my heart but warmed it so much too! You
never know the struggles that people may be in. We have to remember to
be humble and ask for help! And be willing to help those that need it.

I was studying this morning, like we always do. And I came across a
quote from one of the Presidents of the church. It says, "Every member
[person; nonmember]... Is a missionary! True Christianity is love in
action. There is no better way to manifest love for God than to show
an unselfish love for your fellow men. This is the spirit of
missionary work."
I love that quote! Many people assume that we are out here trying to
force people into our church and that numbers of baptisms are most
important. But that is false. Our main purpose as missionaries is to
be kind, to love everyone, to serve, and yes, teach and share of
Christ. Because that is what He did. I love serving a mission. It gets
super tough. And when we haven't had a success all day, we have to
remember the tender mercies is that we had. The people that we may
have touched by smiling to them.

Remember to serve on another. Serve your family, your spouse, your
brothers and sisters. Your co workers. Your neighbors. I promise you,
that you and your family will be blessing.

Love Always,
Sister Jensen

Sister Emerson's hamster, Sebastian.

 People really love cutting their shrubs into animals and shapes! What do you think it is?

How many cats do you see?

I wish we could have pets.....

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